What Went Right: It was the first game made for a majority of our team and I have to say it was a success despite our inexperience. We made a complete game with a unique mechanic in a fairly short amount of time. I only had a general knowledge of Unity at this point and so I'm happy I was able to program the mechanic I came up with.
What Could've Gone Better: It definitely could've used more polish and I think we compromised on more things than I wish we had. For a first game, it was great, but I think if we had put more time into it, it could have turned out better.
Lessons for the Future: Research is not game-making time. If the goal is to work 15 hours a week but you have to research, then you'll have to work more. It's inevitable. Practice makes perfect. I was very proud to call myself a programmer at the end of the project when I was sure I could only be just-a-game-designer-person-thing that I had made an amorphous concept in my mind for. The only way to know if you can do something is to go do it. I've decided that if I don't know how to do it, there's nothing stopping me from figuring it out.
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