In PotionCraft, you’re entrusted with a potion book passed down by your master, the previous High Mixer for the king. Unfortunately, you accidentally blew it up. Whoops. Now, you must rediscover the potions on your own as well as attempt to create the greatest elixir of all: the Midas Elixir.
Lessons Learned
What Went Right: I had a great team and I think we communicated well. Our artists were absolutely fantastic and churned out a lot of great art and models. Our UI programmer/artist was always trying to improve everything and my fellow programmer and producer went above and beyond in both roles. Our game looked great right from the start.
What Could've Gone Better: In our fear of over-scoping, the game boiled down to some mini-games instead of what we originally wanted it to be. This also caused there to be less to do and we kept adding less important features instead of having predetermined goals.
Lessons for the Future: Plan big, work small. Be prepared to cut rather than scramble to add. It's much easier to cut planned features than try to create new ones to work with what's already there. Also, communication is vital. Though the game was less substantial than I'd hoped, our constant communication ensured that it worked and worked well.
Role: Creative Director/Programmer
Project Type: Class project in Unity3D
Timeline: 8 weeks
Team Size: 6
Creative Director
Creating the game concept
Heading the creation of the GDD
Making design decisions
Tech Lead
Leading Programmers
Programming Shape game
Programming Arrow game

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