In Shimi's Last Wish, you play as Andrew, a boy who recently became a Shimi (a regretful soul). His last wish is for his family and best friend to heal after his death. With the help of another Shimi, Andrew must try and help his loved ones move on.
Lessons Learned
What Went Right: It was the first game I made by myself with no team to depend on. For a first personal game, I think it turned out better than I expected. I'm also not an artist, but the art wasn't half-bad. I learned a lot of new coding tricks while trying to get everything done, which is also a plus. I was able to pull the game together in the end.
What Could've Gone Better: I didn't design as much or as well as I should've. I underestimated the difficulty of both working alone and making a point & click. My first version of the game was an absolute mess both in code and art. 
Lessons for the Future: Working alone is not for the faint of heart. This was my first foray into creating a game without a team and it shows. I'll never underestimate a project again, especially one driven by narrative puzzles. Design early and design well. Narrative games are hard in general and need to be approached with more effort.
Role: Sole Designer
Project Type: Unity2D
Timeline: 6 weeks
Team Size: 1
Sole Designer
Creating the game concept
Programming dialogue
Programming point & click elements
Art creation and implementation

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