In Sleeper's Landing, you play a detective investigating the death of a citizen of Sleeper's Landing. What you come across goes beyond a simple murder and into supernatural territory. While you investigate, you must pick up clues to prove who committed the crime and defend yourself against supernatural monsters, but all may not be as it seems.
What Went Right: The game art and aesthetic was pretty great and, in the end, the game functioned and played pretty well. It was creepy enough to fit the theme and fun enough for people to enjoy it.
What Could've Gone Better: I feel as if there's a learning curve for communication every time there's a new team, regardless of how good individuals are at communicating. The team communicated, but not very clearly and not as often as they should have. As for me personally, I was doing an independent study at the same time. This was when I worked on the Shimi series, and I feel all the games suffered from my split attention.
Lessons for the Future: Splitting my attention between four different projects was a mistake. Combined with my other classes, there wasn't enough time in the day to contribute to every game I needed to work on. 
Role: Programmer
Project Type: Unreal
Timeline: 16 weeks
Team Size: 10
Enemy AI
Sound implementation

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